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Huge thanks to Dr. Rutledge and staff for taking such great care of Damien for his surgery yesterday and for allowing him to come home the same day. He experienced some pain and whining last night and I was glad I was able to be there for him to comfort and calm him. Hopefully the biopsy will he benign, but if it isn’t, I know he’s in great hands with you guys!

Christina Aguirre




Thank you for your many years of care of my baby girl Cotton. Your staff, especially Tammy, were so compassionate last Saturday when we had to make the unselfish decision to let her go. You felt my sadness and did everything to make me feel comfortable. Cotton knew it was time and you showed so much care when you were with her. I will drive the hour for any animal to your facility just because of the staff!!! Thank you again!!

Cynthia Brown




Thank you so much so giving such excellent care….Kinzi made her last visit to BCAH on January 8th, 2015…words cannot begin to express my gratitude to the staff for their compassion & caring. Thank you again for taking such great care of Kinzi – not only for Thursday night but for the 15 years of care. And, a “special” THANKS to the girl that hugged me that night….I did not get her name…but, you are so kind.

Jo Ann Parker



I love the staff here. They are caring an go out of the way to help. I drive almost 30 miles one way just to bring my dogs here. Thank u everyone for ur help an comfort.




I just wish I had known about these “Real Doctors” sooner. There are too many details to list, however, in synopsis, three vets later and over $500 spent with no real satisfaction or compassion displayed, I was led to Brown Creek. They are the epitome of true and caring veterinary physicians and human beings! At approximately 45 miles away, I would physically carry my pets to them before taking them to any other facility, even if they were next door to me. The experience was that rewarding. Dr. Wright was outstanding and has a heart of gold as does his entire staff. Thank you Brown Creek for reassuring me that some folks still truly care about this world and not just the almighty dollar.

–Van Sullivan



I would drive to the ends of the earth to ensure my animals are treated the best. Thank goodness I have to drive only 1 hour and 40 minutes to Brown Creek Animal Hospital in Polkton! They were recommended to me by my best friend!

–Google User



They are the nicest/most caring animal facility and also the cheapest I have found. I live around 45 minutes away from Polkton and it is more than worth the drive I will NEVER go to another place. 


I am not sure why this hospital doesn’t have tons of reviews, but we have been searching for a great medical facility for our dogs for years and FINALLY have one with Brown Creek! Thankful we asked our local Neighborhood Pet Feed because they suggested this facility and the staff from the moment you walk in to the time you leave is kind. The Vets are knowledgable, caring, upfront, their story will not change, they will answer all your questions the best they can, and you will leave with peace of mind that your pet is being taken care of. We have two pit bulls and currently our male adult pit is being treated for bladder stones. Jay (vet) greeted us with a handshake, xrays to show the stones, and an ample amount of information to prepare us for the procedures he wanted to preform on our big baby. We understand fees are associated with anmial care especially this type of treatment, and I was very hesitant because we had our dog treated at a local facility in Charlotte, NC and was completely unaware of the services we received thinking they were this price everywhere. I talk to other pet owners and called other facilities and Brown Creek is very similar with their rates so I am confident we are spending our money well at a facility that is not only truthful with their animal medical services, but the customer service is like sweet whipped frosting on a beautiful cake! Our big boy goes into surgery this Wednesday and we know he will be in great hands. Please do your research and please know we are a family that adores our pets.

Fleece Pierce

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  1. There is a very good reason we travel 30 miles to Brown Creek when there are several other Vets just up the road from us. The folks at Brown Creek are there to treat animals and dispense compassion and quality service. It is no exaggeration to say we trust them explicitly to do what is best for our beloved pets.

  2. It is always a sad time when you have to let a friend go. I really miss some of my dogs that I’ve had growing up and it’s hard to think about sometimes. The best you can do is push on and wait till you’re ready to let another animal in your life. Thanks for for this emotional post. I hope everything works out for the best.

  3. I think it is important not only for staff to know what to do to take care of your pets, but to also be really kind and friendly. These are all really excellent examples of this. Thanks for the examples.

  4. you guys are the best you saved my dog from dying .im so thankful for everyone there .. even if it was a few years back. even if i drove over a hour away. you guys saved him thank you

  5. I am very thankful for Brown Creek! I too drive a long way to take my dogs to them. I have been taking my animals to them for 8 years. I have been amazed by how caring the staff is. Please Brown Creek…keep up the good work!

  6. You guys are awesome. A friend of mine had a cat that was mauled by a large dog and almost died. The vet had him stabilized within a day and on track to recovery. Thanks for taking such great care of him.

  7. The doctors and staff are the greatest !! Our Mickey became ill and unfortunately we lost him but the care and compassion we received was stellar. If you don’t drive to this location, you will miss out on the “Best Care Anywhere”, without a doubt. The pricing is fair, period. Can’t say enough good things about it.

  8. My little pups wasn’t looking so good the other day when we got them I was worried and sad trying to cheer them up. I told my fiance I said what if they have worms and that’s the reason they are acting like this. So when I got home I heard my fiance yelled did you cook noodles and leave it on the floor I was like no why and I was going to see what he was fussing about and he said noooo they got worms I screamed and grabbed my pups and called the vet asap. She said yes we can deworm them and told me the price j was like okay I will be there now I’m on the way. To be honest the vaccine is very cheap and they were very quick about it I was so happy to see my pups eyes not drooling looking sad anymore. Now they both are running around here very happy and playful. I want to thank you all for your help my little pups are so happy.

  9. Brown creek animal hospital is beyond amazing, from the staff that is extremely helpful on the phone and in person, the doctors that truly give it their all every single day, it is great to walk into this vet and see the same faces that I saw 7 years ago , the same calming voices I hear on the phone. Thank you for your passion every single day!

  10. Words cannot express my family’s gratitude on how well Dolly (our nine year-old Collie) was cared for. The Brown Creek Staff was phenomenal from the time we entered their door! We could not have asked for better care during her extended stay after surgery. You can tell that all of the staff have a true love for what they do and take the very best care with your four-legged loved one. The staff at Brown Creek are the best I have seen and go that extra step to provide the best care. Again we thank each and everyone that helped take care of our Dolly girl.

  11. I got referred to you by a friend. I drove 45 min each way to bring my dog. It was worth it! Great care and so much more affordable than vets closer to me. Thank you!

    I Do want you to know, though, you recommended oraVet for my dog. I bought a pack. After giving her a couple days worth she got lethargic and didnt eat. Thinking maybe it was a stomach virus or something, I waited a couple weeks and tried again. Gave her only one. She was sick all night with clear fluid coming out of her like diarhea. 5x that night she woke me up crying to go out. When she finally did poop a day later it was green. Never again. The more I read about those things the scarier they are. Many other dogs had exactly same symptoms. Only one very small study was done beforebthey were put on market. If that product was for people it would not be on the market. Please stop pushing those things.

    • Dear Ms. Haughey,
      We are foremost sorry that your dog was recently ill, and we also appreciate you sharing this with us. We here at Brown Creek Animal Hospital take every report of a potential adverse event very seriously as we all have precious companions of our own and only want the best care for them as well as those of our clients. With any new product, we examine all of the available data including the reported adverse events of that product and then weigh the potential benefits that it offers to our patients before we will even consider a new product. We also take into account the reliability of the presenting company along with their reputation for both innovative and beneficial products, but most importantly their dedication to maintaining and monitoring their products in case there is in fact any issues that may arise after its release to the marketplace. In that light, you need to report this issue directly to merial so that they can gather this data. The number is 1-888-637-4251. We will also pass this information directly to our merial representative immediately.

      At the end of the day, we all have beloved companions and we would never recommend a product that we had any concerns with its efficacy and more importantly its safety. We have indeed seen some wonderful and potentially life changing benefits of this product for many pets in the short time that we have been using this product. Any living creature is a true wonder of complex physiologic and metabolic mechanisms and as such, presents many challenges to maintain that wonderful balance. Even with the SAFEST products, any individual can unfortunately have a disruption of this balance and experience an adverse reaction. Even if the rate of reaction is very low, if that reaction occurs in your pet, it is in fact a very serious concern.
      Thank you again for your report and we are sorry for your recent illness. If we can be of any assistance with this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  12. We have been going to Brown Creek for over 10 years and we love the vets and vet techs. They took care of our pets with such big hearts, even when hard decisions had to be made. I am truly grateful for them all.
    Today, I contacted them, because I moved out of the area and I was wondering if they could recommend a Vet in my area, only 3 hours away, because she has a yeast infection. She, said hold on, never put me on hold and asked someone behind the counter. The person responded, I do not know look up Vets in our area, rudely, ,and said I do not know. Now instead of taking my number down and say, let me check with the Vet and call you back, she said we have nothing on a list and that was that. I told her next time a customer calls put them on hold, that was completely rude. I get maybe they were busy, they may be stressed, but we have been a customer of theirs for years. I always recommend my friends to come there! Not because, yes the costs is wonderful, but the caring and love the Vets, vet techs, and some of the receptionists give us. If my Lady would not have car sickness, I would make the trip to Brown Creek. Here is the word to the wise. If you are having a bad day walk away and regroup, because the bigger picture is….You never know who is watching, you never know who you will affect.
    Thank you for the wonderful years of service.

    • Thank you for letting us know. We apologize this is how your call was handled and we are looking into the issue to assure it won’t happen in the future. Again, thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  13. God bless Terry Wright and Dr. Wright. Terry just spent an amazing amount of time making sure that my cat, Foofee, got the right dose of a new medicine that she was ordering for her. I really appreciate her kindness and understanding in trying to get my cat a medicine that was best for her. I live in Monroe but gladly travel to Polkton not only for the superior treatment for my pets but for the human touch that is part of the experience.
    Dr. Rutledge is incredible as well. He tried to help my cat, Cocoa Puff, who was a stray who eventually tested positive for FIV and Leukemia. It was a terrible blow, but he helped keep her well for as long as possible. We eventually had to let her go, but she had the best quality of life that a rescue can have.

  14. I want to say Thankyou so much for helping my beagle Mazie this morning!! Didn’t have the money to pay and you guys weee kind enough to take a post dated check. That was such a blessing!!

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