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Dental Consent Form

  • With dental procedures, there can be issues that arise during the procedure that also need to be addressed. The most common issue is loose and diseased teeth. These teeth can cause a myriad of health issues for your pet including:
    • Extremely sore and painful teeth
    • Septicemia with potential for organ involvement
    • Endocarditis (infection of the heart valves)
    • Halitosis (putrid smelling breath)
    • Gum and bone resorption with exposure
    • Tooth root abscesses
    • Numerous oral/throat inflammation issues
    Any tooth that is loose and diseased needs to be extracted!!! If teeth are extracted, the animal will be placed on antibiotics and pain medication (price varies with size of animal; can give estimate upon request) and a $7.50 per tooth extraction fee applies also. Please read and initial your requests below:
  • I authorize any necessary tooth extractions

  • I do NOT authorize any extractions