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Pre-Surgical Consent Form

  • Like you, our greatest concern is the wellbeing of your pet. Before putting your pet under anesthesia, we will perform a full physical examination. However, many conditions including disorders of the kidneys or liver, diabetes, or dehydration are not detected unless blood testing is performed. Our modern, in-house laboratory equipment allows us to perform the preanesthetic blood profile prior to the anesthesia event. The cost of the preanesthetic profile is $40.00.
  • Our pets do not show pain as we do. They do not complain as loudly as we do and they accept the levels of pain that we could not imagine. Pets recover quicker and with fewer complications with appropriate pain management. The cost of post-op pain medications are:
    • LESS THAN 50 POUNDS: $14.50
    • 50 TO 100 POUNDS: $19.50
    • OVER 100 POUNDS: $24.50
  • Procedures requiring anesthesia are always associated with a certain amount of risk, whether the patient is a person or a pet. Like you, we want to minimize that risk as much as possible. By signing below, you acknowledge that you understand the nature of the procedure(s) being performed, that any questions you have concerning the procedure(s) have been answered, and no guarantee has been made as to the results or cure and that you understand that there may be risks involved in these procedures. These complications include (but certainly are not limited to):
    • Infection(s)
    • Internal organ damage from idiosyncratic reaction or changes in blood flow to those organs
    • Arrhythmias
    • Reactions from interaction with other current medications
    • Aspiration of gastric contents with possible aspiration pneumonia
    • Irritation, inflammation or tear of the trachea due to placement of endotracheal tube during anesthesia
    • Hypertension or hypotension from length of procedure or medication effect on body systems
    • Allergic reaction to medications
    • Brain trauma (temporary or permanent) from changes in blood flow to brain during procedure
    • Thromboembolic event (stroke, hypercoagulation disorders, etc.)
    • Malignant hyperthermia
    • Malfunction/slippage of sutures/ligatures/staples (internal or external)
    • Dehiscence of incisions/closures and associated complications
    • Death
    All charges are due and payable upon the pet’s release. Brown Creek Animal Hospital, PA is not responsible for any personal items such as towels, blankets, toys, etc. left with your pet during its stay. I hereby consent and authorize Brown Creek Animal Hospital to receive, prescribe for, treat, or operate upon my animal(s). Brown Creek Animal Hospital is to use all reasonable precautions against injury, escape, destruction of the animal(s), but you will not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatever, or any circumstances, on account of the care, treatment, or safekeeping of the animal(s), as it is thoroughly understood that I assume all risks. I also understand that Brown Creek Animal Hospital is not staffed twenty-four (24) hours a day and after hour treatment of patients is at the discretion of the veterinarian and owner.