Adult Pet Wellness

Regular annual wellness visits for your pets are critical to help maintain the health and quality of life your pet deserves. There is the saying “An ounce of preventative is worth a pound of cure”. We couldn’t agree more. We recommend your pet come in at least once a year for a wellness examination. This “yearly check-up” will allow your veterinarian to exam your pet for any problems, answer questions you may have, as well as get up to date on vaccines and routine testing. At Brown Creek Animal Hospital, we recommend all core vaccinations (parvo, distemper, Bordetella, etc.) be given on an annual basis at minimum. This will ensure proper protection for your pet. We also offer discounted prices on annual wellness blood work and urinalysis. This has been an extremely valuable tool in detecting problems early, which can only help to ensure your pet gets the best treatment available. Heartworm testing is also highly recommended during your pet’s wellness visit. Check out our online pet health library for more information, or feel free to give us a call.